Equipment (carried by the artist from his residence):

  1. A sand table (85cm wide, 65cm long, 100cm high when installed)

  2. A camera holder (folding) 100cm high

  3. A video camera Sony HDR-CX550E (PAL system)

  4. RCA cable (RCA jack) 10m + adapter for S-video

  5. Cable 5m (HDMI) + adapter for DVI

  6. Sand (2kg)



  1. A projector and a screen (with the size not less than 100cm) or a Plasma-panel display. The projector has to support at least one of the formats: HDMI (preferable), RCA, S-video, DVI

  2. Glass (clear) 64cm wide, 83cm long, 4mm thick

  3. Music player

  4. 1,5 m² of working space


Please note: while transporting the equipment by air (from Moscow to the destination and back) any extra-weight (10-15kg usually) is paid for by Purchaser.




3-star or better hotels required (1 single room)

Hot running water must be available



Airplanes are preferable (economy class).

Please note: if this is a night flight, then the artist must have at least 6 hours between his arrival at the hotel and going to the venue.

In the case of having to travel less than 800km from the usual place of residence (Moscow) to the destination, or there is no flight connection available, Purchaser may provide the artist with a train ticket (separate compartment).


Ground transportation

Transportation to and from airport, hotel and venue (taxis or a private car with a driver).


Dressing rooms

One room with a male restroom not open to the public (shower is not necessary but would be a plus).

Coffee and still water.



Three times a day