Sand show as a separate branch of art appeared not long ago, but has already managed to win people’s hearts all over the world, mainly thanks to some videos on Youtube (Ferenc Cako, Ilana Yahav) and thanks to such a show as "America's Got Talent" and its Russian and Ukrainian versions.

An artist makes sand pictures on a table with special glass and bright-up lamps under it, creating the illusion of mystery and magic. Just like a wizard, with subtle movements of his hands an artist creates a whole universe within just a few minutes.

Suitable and appropriate music also helps one to plunge into this magic. Everything which is happening on an artist’s table is being transmitted onto a big screen (with the help of a camera just above the table), and it makes a spectator involved in this magic action, no matter where he or she is sitting.

Somehow unconsciously, not only is the audience watching this mystery, but also is taking part in it. Be it a wedding, a company party, or some anniversary celebration, sand art really becomes a cherry on top, or a waving of a magic wand among all the typical performances during a celebration.

Sheomir "Shel" Guchepshoko, as one of such magicians, proves one more time that the magic of sand has no limits and can be controlled. His essential attributes are a hat and his characteristic dance in time with music, similar to a cobra’s dance near the fakir’s flute.

And his blow-offs are expressive throws of sand and drawing with the help of improvised available means, such as business cards, sheets of paper, mobile phones or just a sipping cocktail straw. However, it’s not a full list of tricks up the artist’s sleeve. He draws with coloured sand, as well as with manna (semolina) and ground coffee.

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