Sheomir "Shel" Guchepshoko was born in 1981 in the town of Maykop, the Republic of Adigeya. There graduated from The College of Arts, the Faculty of Oil-Painting, then studied in The Academy of Arts in Krasnodar. Having seen army service in 2005, domiciled in Moscow, where was graduated from Moscow Pedagogical State University (Graphic Art faculty). Also studied to 2D-animation in “scream school”. The first sellings of his pictures were at the age of 19 in his native town. For the present, some of the pictures have been bought by private individuals (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Paris, New York, Madrid), as well as by galleries of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nalchik. 

In 2009, he discovered SAND ART. During this period he began to give sand painting classes in the Moscow studio. This studio became the world’s first studio, where they began to teach sand art. Since 2010, he demonstrate his skills in the cities of Russia and abroad. Gradually more and more people learned about the talent of Sheomir. After that he was invited to conduct master classes in different countries.

In 2012 he defended his master’s thesis “Technology of sand painting as a resource of tutor support with the aim of socialization and prevention of social orphanhood.” Empirical studies on the effect of “sand therapy” were held in Spain, Madrid on the basis of the Russian Center for Science and Culture.

Since 2011 Sheomir have personal exhibitions & sand performances in different countries (Russia, Moldavia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Azerbaijan, Turkey, USA, Australia).